Ayers in ShangHaiMesse 2013 – 10/10~10/13

Ayers in ShangHaiMesse 2013 – 10/10~10/13

Come and check the New Original Series at Hall E4 A18  and find your Dream Guitar here!

Uluru Ukulele Apology

This is the owner of Ayers guitar and I would like to make an official apology to Mr. Chuck Moore and the ukulele community for improperly using Mr. Moore’s design.   We checked thoroughly and Ayers made totally 5 ukuleles that are involved with ...

Ayers Guitar Official Apology to Mr. Chuck Moore

We made two custom ukuleles to customers but we do not carefully research the origin of the design we received. The Frog tree design and dragon design is Mr. Moore’s marvelous design and we apologize to him for improperly using them. Ayers will be more care...

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