Aloha Shanghai!

Uluru has triumphantly returned from Shanghai. The Uluru presentation was a resounding success, and we were thrilled to experience the passion and skills of the Chinese players. Teachers and professional players, alike, who experienced the Uluru instruments were amazed by the stunning tone and delicacy of the instruments.

This year Uluru ukulele presents two new series: Manako and Koa!

The Manako is made from solid mango wood. Differing from the typical mango timber Uluru select the pure white mango and it certainly looks fantastic and the cute looks and the warm sound of the Manako series has generated accolades from the ladies.

For the Koa series, the traditional choice of Hawaiian koa gives it the classic ukulele sound. Play it and you will immediately feel its surfing soul!

Uluru enjoyed a great time in Shanghai and we hope to come back soon!