This is the owner of Ayers guitar and I would like to make an official apology to Mr. Chuck Moore and the ukulele community for improperly using Mr. Moore’s design.


We checked thoroughly and Ayers made totally 5 ukuleles that are involved with Mr. Moore’s design.


With the intention to show our inlay skill, we made two Dragon inlay ukuleles, one Bamboo inlay and one bird inlay for the show according to the pictures we got from our customer but we did not do enough research about the origin of these designs. As for the frog model, it is a custom model for a player and we did not carefully check if it is designed by him. As soon as we noted that these are Mr. Moore’s design, we stop producing them.


We do not and will not put these models into mass production and Ayers will provide 10000 USD to anyone found and bought other Uluru ukulele with Chuck Moore design.


Ayers respect Mr. Moore as an incredible ukulele maker and are really sorry for the mess we brought him. We also want to apologize to the players in the ukulele community for our improper move. We appreciate all the comments and will pay extra attention on the design and copyright in the future.


Chengfa – Uluru ukulele